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Your gold mine of SMART

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Unique Technical Smart Solutions

A belief of HOME is where SMART is pushes us to always be on the field to make your house a home.

A Package of Life-easing Applications

We bring a package of smart applications that convert your life into its easiest form.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

To innovate and integrate to go beyond your urge is at our top list.

Controlling smart home with a digital tablet

Vision And Mission

Teqniea knows well how smart homes are environmentally-friendly. In this sense, we strenuously strive to get all homes smart so that we all live in a smart world leading to a pristine pure environment.

Why We’re Your Best Choice

  • Comprehensive Knowledge and thorough vision
  • Extensive experienced technicians
  • Invulnerable smart systems
  • No-hassle returns
  • Competitive pricing

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About Us

Our Team Talks

We are specialized in building automation and we spare no efforts to move you to the smart and modern life through very tailored and perfect systems.Our values:

  • Our vast experience and ongoingly developing work stand to offer what suits you the most.
  • We work together seeking excellence and we communicate every day and in every way to lead whatsoever need leaving all positions and titles aside.
  • Flawless work, regular follow up, and your contentment is what perfection means to us.