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Home Automation

Home automation connects all your appliances, switches, and lights to a central hub allowing you to control your home from anywhere. All you have to do is a voice command or a mobile app click.

We help you choose the most appropriate devices and smart systems for your home, install it, train you using it, and be always on standby for any follow-up and maintenance.

The convenient and safe controlling thermostat, cameras, all kinds of sensors, door locks, and much more is the why behind stepping into a modern smart home.

Smart home thermostat technology with hand
Smart Home Sensors
Door & Gate system
CCTV Security Camera
Smart Cameras & CCTV
A smarthphone with smart home screen.
Lights Controller
Controlling smart home with a digital tablet

Remote Access

We make all distances a zero distance. From wheresoever -literally wheresoever- you are, you can close your window, lock your door, watch your sleeping baby, and turn on or off the lights.

If you just arrived home, no need to open the garage door or let someone do so, smart homes love the I-will-help attitude. You can click on our mobile application, or install a gate sensor to even dispense the click, it opens once you arrive, automatically.

CCTV, mother’s assistant

Security Guarantees

Increase the awareness of what is going inside and around your home and get a peace of mind. All is okay. Installing the cameras outside relieves you that nothing wrong, and no thieving is about to happen. Inside your baby’s room, you can assure that they are still sleeping and no disturbance is occurring.

Energy Management Solution with app

Having a smartphone means controlling a smart home… smart is the point! We install our app to enable you to do all tasks by only ordering this via the application.

Keep the garden grass greener by watering smarter. With an app click, you can start the irrigation, or stop it based on the notifications you receive alerting that it is now done.

Instead of leaving the lights on when none is there, save energy and efforts; turn them off at your place through the application.


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